You cannot fathom the possibilities of your talents until you’re given the platform to showcase them! I never really believed in the same. But in the last two years, it’s not just this perspective, but also my talent, that has evolved. Being given tasks and responsibilities was something I had already foreseen, but that desire to ensure that all my friends were keeping themselves up-to-date came as a surprise. I’ve also come to realise how important aesthetics are after we’ve spent hours debating the colours and graphics with our mentor. Namrata ma’am and our ever-enthusiastic team of ambassadors. TYV also brings something original to every platter: there is no distortion of facts, and this was something I experienced when we took a few interviews at college campuses in Knowledge Village and Academic City. All in all, I’d like to thank the entire team of TYV for giving us this remarkable platform for actualizing our talents, and for keeping us growing bit by bit with little assignments such as comments on the Olympics, or an article about an academic arena. I wish to always follow what we’ve learnt at TYV: It’s not the sweet talk we look for; it’s the straight talk you need! Looking forward to scaling newer and greater heights!

Sharing is Caring