Francesca Rodgers

MBACP, Centre Manager, Therapeutic Counselling Practitioner
I have been in contact with The Young Vision since before the 1st anniversary and I remember I had the   pleasure of being a part of the 1st Anniversary Celebration. The kindness when they allowed me to organise a trip for the children of the RAK Disability Centre and all expenses paid. This simply reflects the ethos and dedication that has come from the Directors of TYV and their team. I feel this is a heartfelt venture that has positively impacted on the youth of the UAE. Keep up the good work and may God give you all the tools you need to continue for the future. Congratulations on your 3 year anniversary from Francesca and team at Sensation Station Centre for Speech and Language.

Swathy Sanjay Sindhu

TYV Ambassador
The Young Vision is not just a magazine, it is a revolutionary idea.  TYV is all about voicing the opinions of the youth of today; looking beyond merely providing information, it’s about involving the receivers themselves in the process of producing and interpreting the information that they want their peers to know. I respect the ideas and efforts that go into the publishing of this exceptional magazine and I would like to congratulate TYV on turning 3! To provide relevant information to such a large number of students and yet to remain a free magazine is the proof that there is a lot of hard work going on behind the scenes. A big salute to The Young Vision and most importantly the visionary behind it all, Dr. Namrata K Pathania and of course, her entire team!

Nitin Anand

COO, Skyline University College
We would like to congratulate the entire team at The Young Vision on the 3rd anniversary this year.  Special congratulations to Dr. Namrata Pathania & Mr. Kaushal Pathania who have been working relentlessly to ensure that the students have a magazine where they not only get guidance on various issues concerning today’s youth but that also has a fun element and nurtures their hidden talent. Skyline has been associated with The Young Vision for the last two years and we are proud to be the education partner with them. Once again heartiest congratulations and all the best for the coming years.
SUC Dean and Professor, Dr. Amitabh Upadhya

Professor (Dr.) Amitabh Upadhya

Professor (Dr.) Amitabh Upadhya
Dear Dr. Namrata, I would like to congratulate you and your team on the third anniversary of The Young Vision. It really is a movement of education that you envisioned and pursued dedicatedly in the last few years and it is now providing meaningful results. The magazine, the programmes and the events that The Young Vision has organised have proven to be of immense value to students who need this guidance during their formative ages and are truly reflective of the organisation’s vision of ‘nurturing students‘. Your programmes are also a guide to the parents & guardians of these youngsters who provide the closest support system to the young ones. We at Skyline University College have had a few opportunities to work with you and it has always been a pleasure. I wish you all the very best and hope that you and your team continues to work with the same zeal and enthusiasm as the name The Young Vision suggests.

Dr. S. Gurumadhva Rao

Vice Chancellor, RAKMHSU
Most of the physical, mental and social ills can be cured or at least prevented by removing the misconceptions or wrong interpretations that are being fed from several sources including parents. In fact, proper education of the public, especially young adults, is very much critical for the betterment of the youngsters as well as the society in general. I am very happy to note that The Young Vision is doing yeoman service in this regard, focusing on educating the young by taking up several issues which are important and relevant to the younger generation, such as career opportunities, proper selection of a career, how to keep focused, how to take care of health, what are the dangers of alcohol, etc. I am doubly happy to know that The Young Vision is involving several stakeholders in the society including schools, universities, etc. I am impressed by the passion & commitment of the editors of The Young Vision, led by Dr (Mrs.) Namrata & I wish the entire team at The Young Vision all the very best and as a Health Science University, RAKMHSU is very happy to associate with The Young Vision for the welfare of the society especially the younger generation. With all the Best Wishes

Tamika Gordon

M.Ed. Educational Leadership, Higher College of Technology
It has been my great pleasure to collaborate with such passionate professionals in their expression of knowledge, in each of their respective fields, throughout the cherished pages of The Young Vision.  The initial thought of participating in this project was exciting.  However, it wasn’t until I conducted research about the vision and mission of this magazine that I felt as though it was my duty to join in their outreach efforts. The future leaders of any country is at the very heart of their potential advancement platform, so what I hold in the highest regard is The Young Vision’s passion for reaching the youth and ensuring the positive progression of their overall development and educational fulfilment/success.  Within the magical magazine pages are articles on travel for the youth that encourage them to see the world and this in turn impacts their ability to respect different viewpoints. This dynamic magazine also includes recommendations for continued education which will boost the UAE’s amount of highly qualified professionals.  Last, but certainly not least, inspirational works of writing are highlighted that motivate and validate their reader’s thoughts of making their dreams a reality. I will continue to work alongside the amazing team of The Young Vision as they strive for greatness.  For, even as an adult The Young Vision has allowed me to accomplish my dream of sharing the beautiful world of Education publicly.  I have no doubt that there will be an immeasurable number of readers that will be able to mimic my sentiments.  Congratulations on three robust years of life changing publications!!! Most Respectfully,

Dr. Anand Kumar

Associate Professor, Associate Dean
Dear Dr. Namrata, I really loved the novel concept of bridging the University and High School. There was a cross section of schools represented at Future of Sciences & Management Exhibition. I can imagine that it took a lot of work for you to make it happen. It gave me more pleasure to present than perhaps the students benefited. My happiest moment was when a student from a different background came up to me and told me the simple words “I could understand your presentation”. Warm Regards

Sandra Scott

Head of Leadership, American International School

First of all, congratulations on your third year as a published magazine!

From the first time I read The Young Vision magazine, I was so impressed with the very idea of having a magazine cater to just a young audience here in the UAE. In the United States there is the TEEN Magazine, and I always liked reading it as a sixteen-year old, and I particularly loved the cover pages- a great way to feature any new young entrepreneur or artist. I once had visons of my picture being on the cover.

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Sanjeev Misra

General Manager, Jumbo Electronics Co. LTD (LLC)
Congratulations TYV for celebrating your 3rd Anniversary. We have been associated with TYV since their inception and we have seen them growing at a very fast pace. The very concept of TYV is very innovative as they have been able to create content for the school & university students which is very informative as well as interesting to read. TYV connects the student fraternity with the outside world as it always apprises with the latest technology and activities.

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Gopal Sudhakaran

I find The Young Vision magazine a true source of information, inspiration & entertainment for not only the student community but also for all individuals with a young heart & an inquisitive mind. Within a short time span of 3 years The Young Vision could establish an identity of its own in the academic world of UAE and venture into other neighbourhood territories of the Gulf. This itself is a great accomplishment, that boils down to a clear vision, true dedication & a strong passion that were cultivated by the founding members of this magazine - Dr. Namrata and team. Taking the magazine and its purpose to a whole new level, a string of competitions, exhibitions, interactive workshops, career guidance events & several other result-oriented programmes were designed, directed & delivered by The Young Vision team. As the magazine celebrates its 3rd anniversary, I wish all the best to Dr. Namrata & Mr. Kaushal who have always been the heart & soul of this visionary journey! Heartiest congratulations & wishing you many more years of success ahead.

Sanjay Sharma

Well done and congrats to the entire team at The Young Vision on this achievement. Looking back over the last 3 years, personally I feel that the magazine has matured and has developed drastically. The best thing which I like about the magazine is that it has information and articles not just for the students alone but for all age groups. It is also not just the content of the magazine pertaining to the various diverse subjects like studies, career options and development, health, IT, latest happenings in the world, etc., but also the conferences and exhibitions arranged by the team which have instilled positivity and confidence among the children in general. Really how much we wait anxiously to see the latest issue - once the children have read it, it does come to us. Our best wishes are always there for Namrata and the team.

Fatema Khuzaima

Avid TYV Reader
The Young Vision is an awesome magazine first of all. It is thoroughly inspiring and it voices all the readers’ opinions. Although we 8th graders do not get an issue, when my sister (12th grader) gets it, I am the first one to read it. I eagerly wait for the magazine. It appropriately matches the name The Young Vision, as it actually has segments seen through a young person or student’s mind. Please make it available for all of us too because you wouldn’t want to miss the minor fans.

Raj Dhavalikar

Avid TYV Reader
The Young Vision Magazine is a wonderful initiative that aims at nurturing youths' vision towards success. In my opinion, there are very few magazines in the UAE that actually provide students with lots of opportunities on a regular basis to speak their mind to others. I do support the magazine's aim to create student leaders with competence, conscience and compassion. I will do my best to support this initiative in every way possible. I do believe that young people have the power to change this world and The Young Vision Magazine is doing a great job in bringing out the best out of students. All the best for your future activities and initiatives!

Madhu Madan

Many congratulations on the 3rd anniversary of The Young Vision. I and my daughter have been associated with and reading it from the year it was launched. We are kinda addicted to it and can’t resist reading through it completely once we get it in hand. The best part I like about it is that it provides an amazing platform to young budding writers to hone their writing skills. I read very interesting pieces written by youngsters on a variety of topics. They completely open up their thoughts, views, opinions and minds while writing for TYV and get encouraged seeing their write ups published. Over the years, TYV has expanded from a mere magazine to an organiser of great events like Science Symposium, Science trips like the one to Norway being planned. We have seen TYV progressing through various stages, improving and bringing new features every time-be it launching a digital magazine or adding more high schools and universities or getting on board student ambassadors or introducing debates on interesting topics or supporting GMU or launching its Science Symposium. This is a very successful magazine and I wish Dr. Namrata and Mr. Kaushal and the entire team all the best for many more successful years.

Sneha and Shreyank

Avid Readers
Heartiest congratulations to the entire team of The Young Vision on achieving the milestone of the third anniversary issue. Believe me this wish comes from our heart consrideing that the magazine has always been a close friend to us, being so informative as well as entertaining, guiding and enhancing our view points on diverse topics be it health, technology, career etc. It provides a podium for students to express their thoughts and viewpoints on diverse topics. Articles and topics are so simply addressed highlighting issues pertaining to the day to day activity giving valuable tips on how to improve and be a good human being personally and professionally. Looking forward to more and more issues in the future. Keep up the good work.

Dr Kakul Agha

Chair, Teaching Effectiveness Committee, Assistant Professor, Skyline University College
Dear Dr Pathania Young vision is a true vision of this generation. In my opinion this magazine guides the young and budding generation to know additionally about the opportunities available to them. Each school student gets to enrich their know-how about career choices. Some light reading adds flavor to the information in the magazine. Young Vision constantly helps us keep ourselves abreast with the latest educational happenings in the country. This is a valuable platform to share, know, and discover so many informative things. I feel each of us should contribute and read through Young Vision editions. Kudos to you and your team. I love reading Young Vision. Thanks

Nikita Ashok Menon

Avid TYV Reader
The Young Vision magazine has given an opportunity to the young minds to express their views on various topics and also participate in various events conducted. It is also a platform to showcase the writing skills of students. I congratulate The Young Vision team on their 3rd anniversary & wish them all the success in their future endeavours.

Dr. Vinita Shrivastava

MBBS, MSc (UK), DCH (Ire)
I congratulate The Young Vision team on their 3rd anniversary for their sheer altruism and vision for development of the youth in the society. It is not just a magazine but a movement as well. I am impressed with the quality and relevance of the content as well as different events for its target demographic. My best wishes for future evolution of The Young Vision.

Arushi Madan

Avid TYV Reader
I have been reading this amazing magazine ever since it was launched 3 years ago. I like it because it gives a platform to youngsters like us to voice out our opinions, to share our write ups - be it stories, our real life experiences or poems written by us. It improves our writing skills, gives us amazing content to read which not only adds to our knowledge but also is full of fun. Puzzle sections at the end of the magazine are a great way to challenge our brain cells. I did the compering and anchoring in TYV Science Symposium 2014 and liked the concept of the event. I eagerly look forward to it and if on the day when it is distributed, I am not in the class, I get a call from my friends informing that my favourite TYV magazine was distributed. People know how much I like reading it. Good going TYV, keep it up. I wish you the best for the future.

Hannah Young

The first time I met Namrata was at the International Education Expo in Sharjah. She proudly talked about The Young Vision and her dream of giving students in the UAE a voice. Having previously taught secondary students, I knew instantly that Namrata and I shared a passion for this age group. A while later I became Language Editor for the magazine. I was impressed with the concept. The idea of reaching out to young people, to motivate them and give them the confidence to push themselves to excel beyond the norm got me really excited. Since those early days, The Young Vision has achieved far more than I could have imagined. New initiatives never fail to surprise me and I’m truly excited for the future. I’m delighted to now offer my ‘two-cents’ in my column each issue, and I love reading students’ contributions. On a personal note, through The Young Vision and a shared passion for education, I have met a wonderful friend in Namrata. Thank you, The Young Vision, for all your hard work. Here’s to another three years and more!

Seema Sharma

Maths Teacher – High School, Delhi Private School
Congratulations to the full team at The Young Vision on the Third Anniversary Issue. I have been an avid reader of the magazine and have seen the transformation of the magazine from the first issue to the latest one – a really fascinating journey. As a teacher I see this magazine as a complete one with articles which are really informative knowledge wise and addressing very simple issues pertaining to each and every aspect of our life. I have witnessed changes in the approach of the students reading this magazine as they get a much broader exposure to the outer world. My best wishes to the team for the future issues.

Mariam Shaikh

Vice President, Student Recruitment & Admissions, Amity University
I really liked the concept of  The Science Symposium organised by The Young Vision. This provides a common platform for Senior School students to demonstrate their science project ideas. Held this year, The Science Symposium generated tremendous interest among students and TYV received participation from 60 different schools in the UAE. By the time Senior students are in their final years of schooling they will  have developed substantial research skills, they are familiar with the value of secondary research and the predictive power of existing scientific theories and models. Applying research to their science projects helps kids enrich the significance of their own findings. The Science Symposium gives students the opportunity to build upon existing scientific knowledge with original research, rather than simply reproducing the results of past experiments. A great showcase of talent by young scientists who presented their live projects. Congratulations on this initiative!!
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