UAE students, plan your holidays! School calendar for 2017 is out


The students will have a seven-week break during summer.

 UAE students, plan your holidays! School calendar for 2017 is out

Just when students went back to their schools after the New Year hysteria and winter holidays, the UAE ministry of Education announced the vacation dates for 2017.

The students will be getting a seven-week break during summer, a three-week break during winter and a two-and-a-half week break for spring.

Here’s the annual school calendar:

 Academic Calendar 2016 / 2017

21st August, 2016First day for teaching staff
28th August, 2016First day for students
3 weeks18th December, 2016Winter break
8th January, 2017Classes resume
2 weeks26th March,2017Spring break
9th April, 2017Classes resume
22nd June, 2017Last day for students
6th July, 2017Last day for teachers
184School Days

Academic Calendar 2017 / 2018

First day for teaching staff3rd September, 2017
First day for students10th September, 2017
Winter break17th December, 20173 weeks
Classes resume7th January, 2018
Spring break25th March,20182 weeks
Classes resume8th April, 2018
Last day for students28th June, 2018
Last day for teachers5th July, 2018
School Days181