Plan your holidays! Here is the confirmed school calendar for the next academic year 2018-19

The Ministry of Education releases the school calendar for the next three years 2018-2021.

[Students of Delhi Private School, Sharjah. For illustrative purposes.]

The UAE Ministry of Education has released the official school calendar for the next three years, marking a slightly longer academic calendar.

The calendar will be applied in all public schools that follow the ministry’s curriculum and private schools that also follow a foreign curriculum.

According to the circular, pupils will commence school on September 2, 2018, with a winter break scheduled from December 16, 2018 to January 10, 2019.

The new calendar now means that schools will have a longer academic year, increasing from 175 to 182 days.

Meanwhile, academic staff will have their holiday break from December 23, 2018 until January 3, 2019.

All private schools must tentatively communicate Public holidays (like Eid, National day and other similar holidays) to the parents and confirm these holidays to the parent once declared by the UAE government authority.

The school calendar for private schools in Dubai has been announced for 2018-2019 by KHDA or Knowledge and Human Development Authority.

The Academic Calendar 2018-2019 for Dubai Private Schools


Start of academic year September 2, 2018
Winter break begins December 16, 2018
Four weeks for MoE curriculum schools
Three weeks for Other schools
Return from winter break January 13, 2019 for MoE schools

January 6, 2019 for other schools

Other schools (non-MoE) may chose the below based on KHDA approval:
-Reduce the winter break to two weeks. Classes resumed on 30th December 2018
-OR, extend the winter break to four weeks. Classes are resumed 13th January, 2019.
Spring break begins March 31, 2019 (Two weeks)
Return from spring break April 14, 2019
End of academic year July 4, 2019

However, based on KHDA approvals, schools may extend or reduce winter break (four weeks or two weeks).

Dubai Private Schools Starting in April – Academic year 2018/2019
Start of academic year April 2, 2018
Summer break begins July 1, 2018
Return from summer break September 2, 2018
Winter break begins December 16, 2018
Return from winter break January 6, 2019 (three weeks) The private schools in Dubai starting in April may choose to reduce or extend the winter break based on KHDA approval:

Reduce the winter break to two weeks. Classes resumed on December 30, 2018


Extend the winter break to four weeks. Classes are resumed January 13, 2019

End of academic year Between March 14-21, 2019 These private schools can close any day from March 14th and 21st, subject to the school fulfilling the stipulated number of instructional and academic days and receiving KHDA approval.
New academic year begins 2019/2020 April 1, 2019

The Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) in Dubai said that students in the emirate will also start the academic year on September 2.

Source: Ministry of Education UAE — Kindly address individual queries through your child’s school or the ministry.
Source: Gulf News

Last Updated on: 18th MAY 2018

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