From Inception to Creation…The GRIND behind the GOLD


Mr. Kamal Puri, President of Skyline University College, Sharjah“I believe I did make a few mistakes, like taking too much on myself, sacrificing family life sometimes, and not being available at social gatherings at times. But looking at what I have accomplished and the milestones I have achieved so far, when I look back, I believe the business venture was worth a try.”Mr. Kamal Puri, Founder President of Skyline University College

Mr. Kamal Puri’s Philosophy

Mr. Kamal Puri, President of Skyline University College, is today synonymous with high quality education in the fields of travel and tourism and business, and has been instrumental in shaping the careers of hundreds of aspiring students looking towards careers in the travel and tourism industry, as well as in the fields of business and management.

Mr. Kamal Puri has a philosophy of giving back to society, and he believes that life is for others and not for self-interest alone. He considers himself an educationist and a global citizen.

A Firm Believer in Education

Mr. Puri is a firm believer in education as a lifelong process, and also promotes the three Cs of success

  1. Concentration : SUC is conscious of quality education and in this endeavor it improves its quality of programmes by collecting regular feedback from industry experts and employers. The academic board conducts rigorous evaluation of the curriculum and courses, and suggests improvement in the programmes so as to enable students to acquire employable skills and competencies suitable for industry requirements.
  2. Collaboration : As well as offering indigenous courses, the college has articulation agreements with 68 institutions around the globe, including colleges/universities in the US, Canada, the UK, New Zealand, and Australia. These partnerships help students to transfer to other colleges in various worldwide destinations for further studies. IATA-UFTAA and IATA-FIATA are the other institutes with which the college maintains professional relationships.
  3. Creativity : To groom the students for successful careers, PSDP programmes are embedded in the curriculum and students are trained towards developing their all-round personalities and are taught soft skills, and values of leadership and integrity to tackle business and social problems. SUC also provides opportunities to its students to learn through organising and conducting events. Through this, they can also showcase their knowledge, skills and competencies. The case study centre is actively engaged in developing case studies relevant to the region to help faculty members use them in the classroom environment. To deliver quality education, SUC has engaged full-time faculty members from different nationalities with terminal degrees. Their experience and international exposure bring the best out of the students from multi-cultural backgrounds. To council progression of students, SUC has well-developed advisory and feedback mechanisms to help students and the university to continuously improve their performance.

From Dream to Reality

Mr. Puri foresaw rather early the functional prerequisites of the industry, and the need for integrating knowledge with professional input. He recognised the need for developing training facilities and enhancing professionalism in the travel and tourism industry, as well as in the international business market and the marketing, finance and information technology fields.


He has made significant contributions towards imparting the knowledge and skills required to meet the growing demand for manpower in the Middle East and South Asia Subcontinent.

From a modest beginning as a traffic officer with Indian Airlines in the Indian capital New Delhi, followed by a five-year stint with Kuwait Airways, Mr. Puri has come a long way, and has made extraordinary progress.

Not one to be content with a routine job, his burning desire to reach the highest echelons in life prompted Mr. Puri to closely evaluate and study the status of education and training facilities related to the travel and tourism industry, and formulate – and implement – strategies that would inject this vital industry with competent manpower.

The results of that dream are evident today in the present functioning – and future plans – of Skyline University College and Skyline Business School in New Delhi.





“If you are determined, committed, consistent and honest, success will never evade you.” Mr. Puri

“I am preparing students to meet the challenges of the 21st century by constantly developing programmes that suit the needs of the future graduates for the industry,” Mr. Puri proudly claims. “From the 19th century of agriculture and 20th century of industries, the world today, on its 21st century, is not only a century of knowledge but of innovation. Skyline University College has Innovation and Entrepreneurship Courses in its curriculum,” he added.

After leaving Kuwait, burning ambition, combined with self-belief, pushed Mr. Puri to the new venture in Sharjah, and today Skyline University College has state-of-the art infrastructure spread across a well-equipped 40 acres of land catering to student needs.