Empowering Hearing-Impaired Students To Take Precedence- Sennheiser


The UAE has been a shining example of facilitating the seamless integration of people of determination into all aspects of society. With their inclusion in education institutions being so pivotal to this objective, Sennheiser is set to engage with regional universities at GESS Dubai 2019 and demonstrate its WiFi-based MobileConnect system for accessible hearing in classrooms.

[Mig Cardamone, Director of Sales and Marketing at Sennheiser Middle East]
Following extensive research and the gathering of end-user data, Sennheiser is executing on a focused approach to the University and Higher-Education sector. “We have a clear objective of being the preferred c

hoice of audio brand for Universities worldwide. Our systems are designed to save time, costs and trouble by offering integrated, scalable solutions that are easy to operate and maintain, letting lecturers focus on imparting knowledge while we handle the rest,” said Mig Cardamone, Director of Sales and Marketing at Sennheiser Middle East. “We are also breaking down barriers and supporting the growing demand for societal inclusion; by offering audio streaming to smart devices in the highest possible quality, we are enabling the integration of hearing-impaired students.”

MobileConnect is optimized for use in universities where it best serves the demand of students for state-of-the-art audio technology that is easy to use. By employing the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) principle, the system takes advantage of the fact that the Middle East’s tech-savvy student typically use the most advanced smartphones and makes it possible for high-definition sound to be delivered directly to these personal devices.  Keeping with this theme of customization, the system allows students to dial in individual sound settings and listen to the audio on their headphones, via hearing aids or cochlear implants.

The audio specialist will also highlight other solutions from the ‘Sennheiser for Education’ portfolio, including the versatile SpeechLine Digital Wireless microphone series that is suitable for small classrooms to huge campus-wide installations, and ControlCockpit, a powerful software-based microphone control system that simplifies the set-up, monitoring and troubleshooting of wireless audio systems in large lecture rooms and other environments.

At GESS, Sennheiser’s team will conduct live demos for all these systems. In addition, the company intends to draw in visitors with its innovative and unique VR video experience of the TeamConnect Ceiling 2 system, which is the only dynamic and automatic voice-tracking microphone available today.

Commenting on the opportunities that GESS Dubai offers, Cardamone said, “We have supplied several regional institutions with our solutions. GESS provides the platform for us to highlight these projects to key industry stakeholders and explore how we can work with them to replicate these successes and deliver even further innovation.”