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Neitya Pathania

The Young Vision Ambassador (Since 2017)

GEMS Our Own English High School, Dubai

I am extremely glad to be a part of The Young Vision and would love to congratulate The Young Vision team on their 6th Anniversary… The Young Vision has played a big role in changing my life, ever since I became a TYV Ambassador; I have experienced a lot of changes. People have actually started knowing who I am, which has opened doors for me and has given me various opportunities, not only in my school but also outside my school. Also, I have gained a lot of knowledge about various fields, how to handle situations & problems, and so on. And most importantly, they were always there when I needed help and guidance. They not only gave me the opportunity to interact with people but also gave me a chance to attend their own, as well as other, events, which helped in developing my public speaking skills. The Young Vision is a great platform for youth to give knowledge and gain knowledge. I would love to thank The Young Vision team for giving me this opportunity…

Dealing with Bullying

Bullying has become really common nowadays and, especially with growing technology, there is a risk everywhere. Personally, even I have been the victim of bullying – in grade 7and 8 - so I can understand how much bullying can affect you.

Taking Care Of Your Skin On Summer Days

As the weather finally begins to cool, it’s easy to lose track of time when you’re out and about in the sunshine. Before you know it, you’ve exposed your skin to hours of sunshine, and we all know the risks involved in that!

Youth Talk- Why Appearance Matters

A first impression is the last impression - that’s exactly what our appearance does. People judge us on the basis of our looks and the way we present ourselves. Today’s youth spend a lot of time on their appearance. But what exactly is…


Education plays a pivotal role in every student’s life.  A career in Education and training is considered a noble one across the globe. Educators pass on accumulated knowledge to the new generatio, shaping the future of the country.…

Colour Psychology

Imagine living in a world with no colour; it would be like living in a black and white movie, which is not as cool as it seems. Colour makes the world look beautiful and interesting to live in.


Ahhh! Summer is back again… Aren’t you feeling dehydrated and exhausted? Well I am… And frankly speaking there is nothing better than sipping on a refreshing slushie on a summer’s day. So, presenting sweet, energising and refreshing drinks…


Music is something without which the world is incomplete. The power of music is incredible: It has the power to heal pain and make you feel happy. Being a teenager, I love music and can spend hours listening to it. Just as music is…