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Youth Talk- Why Appearance Matters

A first impression is the last impression - that’s exactly what our appearance does. People judge us on the basis of our looks and the way we present ourselves. Today’s youth spend a lot of time on their appearance. But what exactly is…


Problem solving is a skill intrinsic to the advancement of human evolution that is essential at every stage of life. It is the major root cause of the discovery of new inventions, social and cultural evolution and the crux of market based…

Book Review: Books On Time Management

Everyone wants time - to complete their work, go through their daily clutter, to do projects, even if it is just to talk to someone. Time is essential, but we have time, it’s just that it is not being utilised properly. As a student, I can…

Colour Psychology

Imagine living in a world with no colour; it would be like living in a black and white movie, which is not as cool as it seems. Colour makes the world look beautiful and interesting to live in.