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All jobs fall under these main category of career fields. If you want to understand how job industry works then this is the right place to get yourself educated. These career fields are further being expanded to various sub categories for better understanding.  So let’s have a look!

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Accounting and Finance

A career in Commerce & Accounts opens the pathway to multiple career options in the...

Agricultural Studies

This field is simply not just about harvesting, crops, seeds, pesticides etc., but also delves...

Creative Art and Design

Career in Art and Design Applied Arts is the art of producing objects, which are aesthetic,...


Architects design buildings for private or public use, including homes, schools, sports complexes, convention centers...

Information Technology

In the modern world, it’s practically impossible to imagine that someone can live without computers. Computer...


Engineering is a profession in which math and science - gained by study, experience, and practice...

Health and Medicine

Why Should you Choose This? Medicine is one of the most valuable and required after career...

Travel, Tourism and Leisure

Hotel Management is emerging to be one of the most lucrative careers in today’s age....

Performing Arts

Performing arts is an art form where the artists express themselves in front of audience...

Media and Communication

Journalists in the 21st century play a very important role in providing necessary information to...

Law and Legal Studies

A law degree is aimed to teach serious advocacy skills, authorizing one to claim in...

Education and Training

A career in Education and training is considered a noble one in India as well...

Applied and Pure Sciences

Beauty and Hairdressing


Construction and Real Estate



Sports and Fitness

Language and Culture

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