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IB results day: students worldwide celebrate grades

More than 16,000 Diploma Programme (DP) and Career-related Programme (CP) students around the world are due to receive their results from the November 2017...

CBSE announces tele-counselling for board exam students in Gulf among other countries

While 71 are available in India, 20 counsellors are located in Nepal, Saudi Arabia, Oman, UAE. The Central Board of Secondary Education's (CBSE) pre-exam annual...

CBSE Grade 10 and 12 exams in UAE to begin on March 5 –...

Several thousand students from across the UAE will be attempting the exams for the academic year 2017-18. The Grade 10 and 12 exams conducted by...

Official UAE School Calendar 2018-21

Plan your holidays! Here is the confirmed school calendar for the next academic year 2018-19 The Ministry of Education releases the school calendar for the...

UAE Holidays 2018

Use our guide to the UAE's public holidays to plan your 2018. Here is our guide to the UAE public holidays scheduled for 2018 in...

What Other Says About Us?

Sanjeev K Jolly
Principal & CEO / Our Own High School, AL WARQA'A

Hearty Congratulations to ‘The Young Vision’ Team on their 6th Anniversary. The TYV has not only ignited the spark of reading in the young generation but also expanded their horizons of thinking and the art of writing. The magazine encourages young minds to innovate and stay abreast of the real word scenario. Being an educator, I applaud the efforts in bringing out this magazine for our young readers. The icing on the cake is that it is available free of cost to educational institutions. Our Own High School, Al Warqa’a, Dubai, extends its best wishes to the team of TYV in this noble cause. May you keep collaborating, educating and enlightening the future generation.

Prof. M. Abubaker
Principal / Scholars Indian School, RAK UAE

Congratulations Team ‘The Young Vision’ The Young Vision publication, I must admit, makes for a very interesting and informative read, and is a grand platform to showcase the ideas and hidden talents of both students and educators alike. The pieces on ‘Career Planning, Think Rethink and Leadership skills’ are well written, intelligent and informative. Your column on ‘grammar error’ is an eye-opener and a must-read. I once again congratulate TYV on its 6th anniversary and wish their future endeavours every success.

Abdul Wadood
Vice Principal / Pakistan Education Academy, Dubai

No doubt you people are doing something amazing by providing information in such a comprehensive and eye catching manner.  What I like most in The Young Vision is firstly, that it is concise but covers all the information required, and secondly, the team that makes it happen is dedicated and highly professional. I felt very pleased each time I met them, especially during the sessions they arrange for the HODs at Sharjah University.

Mrs. Kavita Wadhwa
HOD- Business / Gem Private School, Dubai

YBTH is a great event. VERY WELL RUN! Kudos to Mr. Kaushal and Dr. Namrata Pathania and their team for organising this event every year. YBTH gives a fantastic opportunity to students to experience real-world business and in return gain valuable knowledge from other competitors and judges. Students get to feel the pressure of performing at a high level. This competition is an indicator that all of the students are willing to go above and beyond regular expectations.

Dr. Thakur Mulchandani
Principal / Sunrise English Private School, ABU DHABI

"We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future."  These words by Franklin D. Roosevelt perfectly describe the aim of the ‘The Young Vision’ as an Education Focused Social Enterprise. Read More

Swathy Sanjay Sindhu
TYV Ambassador / University of Southampton

Congratulations to The Young Vision on its 6th anniversary! TYV is close to my heart not only because I adore the concept behind it but also because I adore the minds that come together to create it. Dr Namrata and her team have worked tirelessly to make every edition a little more unique than the last. Being involved with TYV through the Ambassador Programme, I have not only been able to explore my own style of writing but have also learnt invaluable tips on the best ways to present content and the significance of leadership and cooperation when working in a team. Read More

Radhika Marwaha
TYV Ambassador / University of California Davis, California, USA

Being associated with The Young Vision magazine for the past 3 years as a part of the Ambassador Programme has been one of my greatest learning experiences. Not only has it given me a platform to share my ideas, but has also given me the chance to interact with excellent mentors- Namrata Ma’am and Kaushal Sir. I know for sure that I have asked them the silliest and the most complicated questions and received only the best advice from them! In the past year, I worked on my Gender Gap column and I am so thankful to TYV for all the support they’ve given me to continue to voice my opinions. Read More

Harshith Belagur
TYV Ambassador / National Institute of Technology, Warangal, India

TYV has helped me in more number of ways than I can even imagine, for which I shall always be indebted to them. It’s helped me right from making new friends to expressing myself in terms of sharing my views with the people out there to utilise their resources to their maximum potential. TYV has given me the confidence to stand as a unique individual in society and to contribute positively to it. I wish TYV all the very best for their future endeavors.

Maymuna Akhter
TYV Ambassador / IMT Dubai

Kudos to THE YOUNG VISION magazine on their 6th anniversary. It seems like just yesterday that TYV was published, reaching an infinite number of students, and today the time has arrived to wish you a happy anniversary. Never have they failed to nurture the youth's vision. Their impressive team shows remarkable dedication and it is indeed a pleasure to be one of their Ambassadors. More than a team, TYV is a family to me. Read More

Adithiyan Rajan
TYV Ambassador / JSS International

The TYV Youth Ambassador Programme is for high schoolers who have an infinite passion for reading and writing. Being a proud Ambassador of the TYV Ambassador Programme, I feel elated to say that the programme has achieved its purpose of providing an effective platform for us, the leaders of tomorrow, to share support and discuss upcoming issues, and to pursue excellence. It is the crucial step that has brought out all the possible virtues in me and has given me a new identity. Read More

Neitya Pathania
TYV Ambassador / GEMS Our Own English High School, Dubai

I am extremely glad to be a part of The Young Vision and would love to congratulate The Young Vision team on their 6th Anniversary… The Young Vision has played a big role in changing my life, ever since I became a TYV Ambassador; I have experienced a lot of changes. People have actually started knowing who I am, which has opened doors for me and has given me various opportunities, not only in my school but also outside my school. Also, I have gained a lot of knowledge about various fields, how to handle situations & problems, and so on. Read More

Nitin Anand
COO / Skyline University College

We would like to congratulate the entire team at The Young Vision on the 3rd anniversary this year.  Special congratulations to Dr. Namrata Pathania & Mr. Kaushal Pathania who have been working relentlessly to ensure that the students have a magazine where they not only get guidance on various issues concerning today’s youth but that also has a fun element and nurtures their hidden talent. Read More

Professor (Dr.) Amitabh Upadhya
Dean / Skyline University College

Dear Dr. Namrata, I would like to congratulate you and your team on the third anniversary of The Young Vision. It really is a movement of education that you envisioned and pursued dedicatedly in the last few years and it is now providing meaningful results. Read More

Dr. S. Gurumadhva Rao
Vice Chancellor / RAKMHSU

Most of the physical, mental and social ills can be cured or at least prevented by removing the misconceptions or wrong interpretations that are being fed from several sources including parents. In fact, proper education of the public, especially young adults, is very much critical for the betterment of the youngsters as well as the society in general. Read More

Mariam Shaikh
Vice President Student Recruitment & Admissions / Amity University

I really liked the concept of The Science Symposium organised by The Young Vision. This provides a common platform for Senior School students to demonstrate their science project ideas. Held this year, The Science Symposium generated tremendous interest among students and TYV received participation from 60 different schools in the UAE. Read More

Tamika Gordon
M.Ed. Educational Leadership, Higher College of Technology

It has been my great pleasure to collaborate with such passionate professionals in their expression of knowledge, in each of their respective fields, throughout the cherished pages of The Young Vision.  The initial thought of participating in this project was exciting. Read More

Sandra Scott
Head of Leadership / American International School

First of all, congratulations on your third year as a published magazine! From the first time I read The Young Vision magazine, I was so impressed with the very idea of having a magazine cater to just a young audience here in the UAE. Read More

Francesca Rodgers
MBACP, Centre Manager, Therapeutic Counselling Practitioner

I have been in contact with The Young Vision since before the 1st anniversary and I remember I had the   pleasure of being a part of the 1st Anniversary Celebration. Read More

Dr. Vinita Shrivastava
MBBS, MSc (UK), DCH (Ire)

I congratulate The Young Vision team on their 3rd anniversary for their sheer altruism and vision for development of the youth in the society. It is not just a magazine but a movement as well. Read More

Nikita Ashok Menon
Avid TYV Reader

The Young Vision magazine has given an opportunity to the young minds to express their views on various topics and also participate in various events conducted. It is also a platform to showcase the writing skills of students. Read More

Dr. Anand Kumar
Associate Professor, Associate Dean

Dear Dr. Namrata, I really loved the novel concept of bridging the University and High School. There was a cross section of schools represented at Future of Sciences & Management Exhibition. Read More

Dr Kakul Agha
Chair, Teaching Effectiveness Committee, Assistant Professor / Skyline University College

Dear Dr Pathania Young vision is a true vision of this generation. Read More

Gopal Sudhakaran

I find The Young Vision magazine a true source of information, inspiration & entertainment for not only the student community but also for all individuals with a young heart & an inquisitive mind. Read More

Sneha and Shreyank
Avid Readers

Heartiest congratulations to the entire team of The Young Vision on achieving the milestone of the third anniversary issue. Read More

Hannah Young
MSc, MBPsS, Language Editor / TYV

The first time I met Namrata was at the International Education Expo in Sharjah. She proudly talked about The Young Vision and her dream of giving students in the UAE a voice. Read More

Madhu Madan

Many congratulations on the 3rd anniversary of The Young Vision. I and my daughter have been associated with and reading it from the year it was launched. Read More

Arushi Madan
Avid TYV Reader

I have been reading this amazing magazine ever since it was launched 3 years ago. I like it because it gives a platform to youngsters like us to voice out our opinions, to share our write ups - be it stories, our real life experiences or poems written by us. Read More

Swathy Sanjay Sindhu
TYV Ambassador

The Young Vision is not just a magazine, it is a revolutionary idea.  TYV is all about voicing the opinions of the youth of today; looking beyond merely providing information, it’s about involving the receivers themselves in the process of producing and interpreting the information that they want their peers to know. Read More

Raj Dhavalikar
Avid TYV Reader

The Young Vision Magazine is a wonderful initiative that aims at nurturing youths' vision towards success. Read More

Fatema Khuzaima
Avid TYV Reader

The Young Vision is an awesome magazine first of all. It is thoroughly inspiring and it voices all the readers’ opinions. Although we 8th graders do not get an issue, when my sister (12th grader) gets it, I am the first one to read it. Read More

Sanjeev Misra
General Manager / Jumbo Electronics Co. LTD (LLC)

Congratulations TYV for celebrating your 3rd Anniversary. We have been associated with TYV since their inception and we have seen them growing at a very fast pace. Read More

Sanjay Sharma

Well done and congrats to the entire team at The Young Vision on this achievement. Looking back over the last 3 years, personally I feel that the magazine has matured and has developed drastically. Read More

Seema Sharma
Maths Teacher / High School, Delhi Private School

Congratulations to the full team at The Young Vision on the Third Anniversary Issue. I have been an avid reader of the magazine and have seen the transformation of the magazine from the first issue to the latest one - a really fascinating journey. Read More

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IB results day: students worldwide celebrate grades

More than 16,000 Diploma Programme (DP) and Career-related Programme (CP)
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IB results day: students worldwide celebrate grades

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